.NET for Programmers – Fergal Grimes/ Manning

I have spent my last 10 years in the Java world, mostly J2EE.

I thought that now reading a book about .NET will give me a strange feeling.

And indeed, it gives me a strange feeling, but a positive one.

This book is really intended for audience without experience in .NET.

It presents in a clear and simple way the majority of concepts for this technology:

Windows Forms, Web Forms, Remoting, Web Services, COM, MSMQ, ASP.NET and so on.

The book is well structured and it’s nice to see a native, clear progress from a topic to another.

Naturally starts with an introduction to .NET, than explains the types and assemblies, and after this, taking a clear example (a poker game) the author presents all these technologies applied to this example: COM based, than ADO.NET and DB connectivity, how to serialize using XML, how to build a DLL, how to introduce a remote service, what about a message queue using MSMQ, how to integrate in IIS.

Ok, now the application is done. But what about web services? How can you introduce SOAP? Do you think that UDDI is too complicated? No way, you will read clear examples of how to use all these core concepts.
Now that we understand the background let’s learn about frontend. So let’s create a Windows Form based interface. It’s nice, but what about a Web Form interface? An entire chapter is dedicated to web forms, so you will benefit a lot from Asp.NET and all the controls there.

Sorry to inform you only now that if you do not know already C# you should start reading the book with the Appendix. This one presents a nice introduction to C#.

For me, a Java addicted, it was a real pleasure to read it.
If you are a Java fan too, after you will read this book you will definitely be more interested in .NET.

Ionel Condor, Cluj Napoca, Romania.

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    Can you tell me who did your layout? I’ve been looking for one kind of like yours. Thank you.

  2. Ionel Condor Says:

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    Please see also http://michaelmartine.com/


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